John West


I was born in Edmonton, London and I’m an author, radio presenter, journalist,TV/Radio presenter, photographer, actor and historian. My books include studies devoted to Romans, Victorian murders and Oliver Cromwell.

I currently write articles on ghosts and folklore for two magazines, Psychic News and Suffolk Norfolk Life. My TV work has included appearances on Mustard TV as a historian and I’ve also appeared as an actor in BBC4’s The Detectorists as well as appearing in an ongoing role in the Great Yarmouth drama ‘Our Town.’

I have worked at five radio stations in East Anglia, internet & FM, as a presenter, producer and station manager and I have also appeared on BBC radio where I co-presented a documentary on Roman Lincoln, which was based on one of my books. My musical passion is from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and I’m looking forward to presenting my show and sharing it with you. To be a part of Smart Radio is a pleasure and an honour and I can’t wait to get working with this great team and start bringing you some fab music on the radio.



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