Stephen Conway


Hi there. I am relatively new to the world of radio broadcasting, having only been in the game for about a year. I have however, had a love of music my whole life having sang in choirs as well as playing the tuba and the clarinet. I learnt to play instruments as a child and was lucky enough have a great music master called David Price who was the music chief at St Nicholas’ and who has done recitals there for their summer series. Over all it’s safe to say I like most types of music although classical is my thing as my show will reflect!
I have lived in Gorleston since 1964 and work in the area also. I love history, in all forms, book or documentary and the history that surrounds our daily lives here in our area is truly fascinating.

I look forward to joining the team at Smart Radio and once again talking to you and taking you through the world of classical music. I hope you can join me and together we will listen to some amazing music.



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