Neen Long


Hey there! I’ve been in the music industry since I was seven and it has included Singing, Dancing, Performing and Hosting/Presenting my own radio show on other local radio stations. In fact I’ve had the pleasure of working with two other stations covering many jobs and duties, from producing show material, reporting, admin, finance as well as actually presenting shows.

My personal background includes a wide range of interests including Martial Arts from aged five which led for a short spell as a cage fighter later in life! During my Uni years I studied and achieved a Human Life Sciences degree, including Criminology, Sociology and Psychology in adults and children. I also qualified in the field of Forensics.

I am a bubbly, friendly and mischievous person although I have also been told that I am an opinionated and straight to the point sort of gal!
I can’t wait for this new venture to start with Smart Radio as already I am surrounded by a group of people that have and give such inspiration in their every day comings and goings. To know that I am part or such a great team that wants only to bring you great music along with helping out in their community is something I’m eager to get my teeth into and be a massive part of.

So, that’s me and welcome to Neenville!



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