Keiran Clements aka DJ KC


Greetings! I have been DJing since 2003 and my speciality is Heavy Metal, Rock, Goth and Alternative music and in the past have had some great nights in various locations bringing this kind of music to the lovers of the genre.
Being a Radio Presenter is, to me, a fantastic opportunity to spread the word of Heavy Metal to the airwaves worldwide, because the subculture and genre is grossly misunderstood and the history of it’s coming to life is vast and far reaching. To be able to talk to you and share this knowledge is more than a little exciting!
I have had some radio experience in the past, but I am hoping that Smart Radio and the great people here can teach me some new skills, give me a lot more experience while at the same time being able to do my bit in the Community.
I will be playing all your favourite Rock Classics as well as introducing you to the world of heavier, as well as more modern tracks on my Bedlam Show every Tuesday night and as far as I’m concerned the heavier, the better!

I guarantee you a full on ear bashing assault on your senses of double bass pedals, screaming guitars and vocals to blow you away!



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