Ross Jones (DJ Roonstar)

Presenter & Technical Assistant

Hi there! This is the first time I have dipped my toes into the world of radio & I am very much looking forward to being on Smart Radio GY and working alongside the great team we have here & excited at the promising future which lays ahead. Getting involved with everyone here is a thrill & I feel honoured to be included with this great community of talented people! I've done lots of club DJing in & around the local area & have recently started going mobile too, doing private functions & outside events. I do this alongside running my own home improvement company, so all in all adding Smart Radio to my list of things to do in a week keeps me very busy!

In the future I would like to go into Property Investing and maybe even DJ abroad for a summer season in a busy party scene surrounded by loud music & equally loud people, but I suppose I’d better hurry up on that score as age & responsibilities are catching me up, even though my boyish good looks belies my actual age lol.

Music is the most powerful trigger, for all kinds of things. It brings people together, can change their moods, express emotions, and so much more & this is why Smart Radio GY attracts me. More Music, Less Chat and great music of all genres is something we here aim to provide and to be in control of making changes like these in your life is an amazing opportunity!
This is going to be a great adventure for us & you, the listeners & I Look forward to being a part of the memories we will all make together.



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